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Our Seven-Step Program

Step One - Inspect What You Expect

Most people get paid by Monday and are broke by Thursday. They don't know where their money went. We have a computerized program where you can enter how you're spending your money and it'll put it into different categories so you can see how you're money is going out the door and we can decide where we are going to shave it off and put it to better use.


Step Two - Increase Cash Flow

What we are going to do here is to take your money away from people who shouldn't have it and put it back to work for you. This involves areas such as figuring out the proper tax withholding for you and how to shop for insurance.


Step Three - Eliminate Debt

By the time you're 65 we want you out of debt. When you were in high school or college did you take that class about how to make money work for you? Probably not and you know why? It's because they didn't have one. In fact, they still don't! We have a computerized program that will show you how to get out of debt, without increasing your payments and without refinancing, in about half the time it would take you without our program.


Step Four - Develop an Emergency Fund

Do you have an emergency fund? It's amazing how many people don't have one. To be a true emergency account you have these four factors: first, it needs to be safe; second, it has to be liquid; third, you need a better rate of return than a checking account; and fourth, it has to be separate and systematic.


Step Five - Protect What You Have

We've all heard the story. Mom and Dad have three kids and suddenly one of the parents dies. That's devastating in itself, but what's as devastating is the lost income that parent provided. We will help you determine the right amount and the right kind of insurance to protect what you love the most. We will compare that to the insurance that you already have and if there's a shortage, we are going to go shopping for you and come back with suggestions for you and your spouse. You can select which one fits your needs the best.


Step Six - Build Long-Term Financial Independence

We need to talk with you about long term investing and long term savings, in order to provide long term financial independence. Now to do this there are two key elements at play here, two financial battles that you have to win in order to win the money game. If you don't incorporate these two battles and win, the chances of you waking up at age 65 or 70 and being financially independent - it just won't happen! If you do obtain financial independence it will be way out there. It'll be like winning the lottery. So here are the two battles. The first battle we have to win is the inflation battle, and the second battle is minimizing your tax burden. Heck, we don't need to minimize your tax burden, we need to get Uncle Sam out of your retirement dollars! We have a program that will do just that for you.


Step Seven - Estate Planning

Do you have a will? Do you have a living will as well? Do you know what happens in your State if you die and don't have a will? The state will write one for you, and they are going to send the bill to the estate. So everyone should have a will and more importantly everyone should have a living will. You probably remember the story about Terry Schiavo a few years back? The woman who was incapacitated and had the whole world arguing about what should happen to her? Imagine how different it would have been if she had a simple living will.